Our Staff

Jayne Tanz - Executive Director

3050 Old Centre Avenue, Suite 102
Portage, MI 49024
Telephone: (269) 488-NETA (6382)
Fax: (269) 488-6383

Melissa Richard - Finance and Business Manager

  • Human Resource Manager
  • Accounting Manager

Missy works with the Finance Committee and Executive Director toward achieving the financial goals of NETA. She also coordinates the long range planning for the NETA office and staff.


Kristen Wicks - Technical Services Manager

Kristen Wicks - Technical Services Manager

  • Technical Inquiry Management
  • NETA Standards Management
  • NETA Technical Representation Coordination

Kristen acts as the staff liaison between the Standards Review Council, assisting with the creation and revision of NETA's technical documents. She coordinates outside standards review and NETA technical representation on code panels as well.


Jill Howell - Marketing Manager

  • Marketing and promotional activities
  • NETA Branding

Jill is responsible for implementing all promotional and marketing programs to advance the Association. NETA promotes Membership, Affiliate programs, specifications and standards, publications, PowerTest conference and seminars, and tutorials. She interfaces with the promotions and marketing committee and all staff to assure correlation of all Association programs.


Natalie Hosfeld, Program Coordinator and Sales Representative

  • Support for all association programs
  • Sales and telemarketing

Natalie is responsible for the management of the Alliance Program, provides administrative support for all programs of the association as well as provides sales support via telemarketing efforts concerning ANSI/NETA standards, PowerTest and Alliance Partnership registrations.


Laura McDonald - Office and Accounting Assistant

Laura McDonald - Office and Accounting Assistant

  • Accounting
  • PowerTest Logistics
  • NETA World Journal

Laura is responsible for all the daily accounting functions, coordination of PowerTest logistics as well as the production of the NETA World Technical Journal.


Kelly Quinn, Administrative and Publications Coordinator

  • Publication Orders
  • Alliance subscriptions
  • Conference registrations and inquiries

Kelly is responsible for processing publications orders, packaging and shipping worldwide to our NETA customers. Kelly assists with the Alliance, Gift Alliance, and International Alliance renewals, as well as assisting with the PowerTest conference registrations.