NETA WORLD technical journal reaches an audience with direct purchasing power and influence. The magazine is distributed worldwide via individual mailings to direct-request qualified subscribers as well as to others via bulk mailings and promotions.

Circulation Profile

 Testing Companies Field Service Technicians
 Industrial Plants Project Mangers/Developers
 Utilities Operations Managers
 Government Agencies Thermographers
 Technical Organizations  Trainers
 Health Institutions Inspectors
 Contractors Reliability Specialists





 Electrical                         Consulting 
 Power Systems Plant
 Commissioning Product
 Facility Division
 Design Field Service


 NETA WORLD has a readership of over 80,000 worldwide.  This quarterly technical journal is distributed through the following avenues:

* Paid subscriptions purchased by individuals or corporations actively involved in the electrical testing industry.
* Distribution to NETA Accredited Companies and Affiliates to the technical industry.
* Reciprocal subscriptions to qualified industry analysts, consultants, and training providers.
* Complimentary copies to direct customers of NETA or individuals requesting information about the Association's products or services.
* Special promotions, events, and other nationwide marketing efforts.