NETA Approved Military Organization Program

NETA believes that in order to have a solid foundation of support for technicians in the field, there are certain requirements that must be met by the organization responsible for performing the testing. For that reason, NETA recognizes both the company and the individual in two separate ways: certification of individuals and accreditation of the organization.

The NETA Approved Military Organization (NAMO) classification was born out of the recognition that the United States Military is a strong proponent of the NETA philosophy and shares the ideology that adhering to voluntary standards, certification of technicians, and continuing education is paramount to the successful completion of their mission.

NETA is the exclusive provider of organizational accreditation which provides opportunities to military members to obtain certification as electrical testing technicians.

NETA is the only organization offering accreditation of entities responsible for the installation, acceptance, maintenance, and continued operation of electrical power systems and components. Military members have the opportunity to obtain certification through the NAMO program, a program unique to NETA. Certification through NETA is only available to individuals connected to an organization that is recognized/accredited by NETA, and is intended to verify the qualifications of personnel responsible for electrical power equipment and systems.

At this time, the 249th Army Engineer Battalion and the U.S. Navy Seabees Mobile Utilities Support Equipment (MUSE) units are the only NAMO recognized by NETA. These military members have access to the NETA Certification program, NETA training materials, PowerTest annual conference, and many other benefits. This program dovetails with the mission of the 249th - supported by the Prime Power School - and MUSE. Military members in these NAMO can work to further their career within their chosen branch through participation in the NAMO program, as well as earn a certification that paves the way for a career after the completion of their military service.

NETA is proud to be able to offer its services to those who serve us all each and every day.

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