NETA and ARCOM Collaborate on MasterSpec® Electrical Testing Requirements

Salt Lake City, Utah (July 31, 2013) -- This February, the InterNational Electrical Testing Association (NETA) and ARCOM launched a collaboration to incorporate enhanced requirements for electrical testing in The American Institute of Architects (AIA) MasterSpec(r) master guide specification sections.

Beginning next year, selected MasterSpec electrical equipment specification sections will include sections of the American National Standard Institute (ANSI)/NETA Standard for Acceptance Testing Specifications (ATS) for Electrical Power Equipment and Systems, referred to as ANSI/NETA ATS. The sections from the ANSI/NETA ATS will replace existing electrical testing requirements in MasterSpec with a suite of field tests and inspections that are used to assess the suitability of electrical equipment for inital energization and final acceptance of electrical power equipment and systems.

NETA's  ATS  is  recognized  as  an  American  National  Standard  and  is  the  industry  standard to  which  electrical  equipment  testing  is  performed.  NETA  board  members  and  ARCOM  specification  writers  work  together  to  identify  portions  of  the  ANSI/NETA  ATS  to  integrate  into  MasterSpec.    

Incorporation  of  the  ANSI/NETA  ATS  into  MasterSpec  specifications  will  provide  ARCOM's  clients  with  the  ability  to  specify  comprehensive  electrical  equipment  testing  that  is  up  to  date  with  inustry  standards.  

"I  am  very  pleased  to  announce  this  collaborative  effort  between  ARCOM  and  NETA,"  said  Michael  King,  Vice  President  of  Engineering  Specifications  at  ARCOM.  "The  integration  of  the  ANSI/NETA  ATS  into  our  electrical  equipment  guide  specification  sections  is  a  first  for  any  master  guide  specification  system  and  will  provide  MasterSpec  clients  with  an  up--to--date  and  enforceable  set  of  testing  procedures."  

Dave  Huffman,  President  of  NETA,  works  closely  with  ARCOM  specification  writers.  He  appreciates  ARCOM's  detailed  review  process  and  said,  "The  updates  to  the  MasterSpec  specifications,  which  focus  on  acceptance  testing,  have  been  an  important  effort  towards  advancing  the  safety  and  reliability  of  electrica  power  equipment  and  systems  across  the  industry."  




About  ARCOM  

ARCOM  is  the  leader  in  specifications  and  exclusively  publishes  MasterSpec(r)  for  The  American  Institute  of  Architects  (AIA)  for  use  by  architects,  engineers,  landscape  architects,  specification  writers,  and  design  professionals  involved  in  building  projects.  MasterSpec  is  also  exclusively  endorsed  by  the  American  Council  of  Engineering  Companies  (ACEC)  and  the  National  Society  of  Professional  Engineers  (NSPE).  

ARCOM  owns  and  publishes  SpecText  for  use  by  civil,  environmental,  and  structural  engineers  for infrastructure  projects,  including  water,  wastewater,  and  sanitary  engineering.    

ARCOM  also  publishes  SpecWare(r)  and  SpecAgent(r).  SpecWare  is  a  suite  of  specification  productivity  software  tools  that  dramatically  simplifies  specification  creation  and  use,  from  easy--to--use  Masterworks  to  BIM  integration.  SpecAgent  is  a  web--based  resource  designed  to  work  with  MasterSpec  and  SpecText  that  streamlines  the  process  of  construction  product  research  and  manufacturer  selection.  


About  NETA  

NETA  is  an  ANSI  accredited  standards  developing  organization  that  creates  and  maintains  stadards  on  electrical  testing  for  electrical  power  equipment  and  systems.  NETA  is  an  association  of  leading  electrical  testing  companies  comprised  of  visionaries  committed  to  advancing  the  industry  standards  for power  system  installation  and  maintenance  to  ensure  the  highest  level  of  reliability  and safety.    


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