Portage, Michigan, November 12, 2012 -- Two seminars presented at PowerTest 2012 are now being offered by NETA as Self-Paced Technical Seminars (SPTS) through The seminars address important electrical testing situations and techniques particularly relevant to technicians involved in electrical power system testing and commissioning.

The first seminar, Transformer Condition Assessment and Diagnostic Fault Analysis Using Liquid Insulation Testing, examines the correct sampling techniques, sample containers, tests performed on transformer oils, the diagnostic value of each test, and how to evaluate the quality and condition of the fluid for transformer dielectric fluids. Presented by Mel Wright of LICA Consulting, the session explores how dissolved gas analysis (DGA) and furans are used to evaluate transformer faults and the operational condition assessment of transformers.

The second seminar, Partial Discharge Activity on MV Switchgear and Cables, addresses the ongoing requirement to improve operational reliability of large power distribution systems. It examines frequent pressure to extend operations between scheduled maintenance periods for medium-voltage switchgear. The session is co-presented by Don Genutis of No Outage Electrical Testing and Mark Wilding of EA Technology.

NETA Certified Technicians as well as other industry professionals who need continuing education can benefit from these and other SPTS courses. SPTS training courses include a CD-ROM with an audio/video presentation and printed booklet. For more information or to purchase, click the following link. NETA Bookstore

ABOUT NETA -- NETA is an ANSI Accredited standards developing organization that creates and maintains standards on electrical testing for electrical power equipment and systems. NETA is an association of leading electrical testing companies comprised of visionaries committed to advancing the industry standards for power system installation and maintenance to ensure the highest level of reliability and safety.

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