NETA Presents Lorne Gara With The 2015 Diane Hageman Outstanding Achievement Award

Presented by NETA President Dave Huffman, this year's ceremony was particularly moving as the NETA Board of Directors renamed the award in honor of long-time NETA volunteer, Diane Hageman of PRIT Service, Inc., who passed away in February. Hageman is known for years of countless contributions that helped shape NETA into an organization respected for its dedication to excellence. Gara and Hageman had the opportunity to work together on the NETA Standards Review Council.

Among many things, Gara is recognized for his leadership in developing the ANSI/NETA ECS Standard for Electrical Commissioning Specifications for Electrical Power Equipment and Systems. In a collaborative effort with Ron Widup of Shermco Industries, Gara roughed out the initial concept for the ANSI/NETA ECS during an impromptu meeting at a PowerTest conference a few years ago. After fleshing out a more detailed structure, a working group contributed additional direction and materials.

Gara continued to lead the project until the proposed standard was released for balloting and recently published. Individuals who use consensus-based industry standards understand the value these documents bring to every facet of the electrical power systems industry.

"Lorne has been a great contributor to the Association over the last several years, especially in the technical arena," notes Ron Widup, a fellow member of the NETA Board of Directors. "It takes a certain type of personality to contribute in a way that is not only reasonable, but also factual and accurate. Working with him on the new NETA commissioning standard was great because he did a ton of work and kept the process going. It was very fitting and deserving that he received the NETA Outstanding Achievement Award this year."

Rod Hageman, a tenured veteran of the standards creation process, adds that Gara is willing to work for NETA "without expectation of significant reward." Gara, he says, has "labored tirelessly on behalf of NETA, even though for every successful project completed, he was rewarded with requests to do even more work." Hageman describes Gara as "a major factor in the future success of NETA."

Amin Kassa, general manager for Orbis Engineering and Gara's boss, says Gara went to work for him the first day after his college graduation as one of Orbis Engineering's founding employees. "I continue to be impressed by his knowledge, commitment, loyalty, work ethic, and thirst for knowledge and excellence," says Kassa. "His involvement in NETA as an Orbis representative has afforded us incredible good will and technical credibility, and we are very proud and happy to support him in these endeavors."

While Lorne most enjoys the opportunities for troubleshooting, learning new things, and working with other talented individuals, he also finds pleasure in camping, hunting, fishing, and being outdoors with his loved ones. High school sweethearts, Gara and Lisa were married in 2003, and are currently raising two beautiful daughters.

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