NETA Welcomes Newest Accredited Company - Sentinel Power Services

Sentinel Power Services
Tulsa, Oklahoma

Sentinel Power Services, Inc. was created in December 1998 as a breaker repair shop for industrial clients in the greater Tulsa, Oklahoma area. During 2002, Sentinel Power Services, Inc. added capabilities such as electrical equipment testing, electrical commissioning, troubleshooting, and large motor expertise that transitioned it into being a solutions provider based on client needs. More capabilities were added in 2008 when Sentinel began to perform power system studies.

As client needs continued to evolve, Sentinel Power Services, Inc. added full engineering package capabilities for electrical, instrumentation, and controls, as well as continued to expand service solution offerings in 2012. These expanded services include VLF/tan-delta cable testing, partial discharge testing and analysis, first breaker timing, and motor winding diagnostic testing.  Sentinel Power Services provides clients with an electrical preventative maintenance knowledge base and experienced power system design engineers to improve system reliability and safety.

Sentinel Power Services has offices located in Tulsa, Oklahoma; Russellville, Arkansas; and Lake Charles, Louisiana, and holds engineering firm registrations in multiple states.

 "NETA Accreditation is part of our commitment to bringing clients added value," said Doug Cassell, Engineering Director at Sentinel Power Services.

What is a NETA Accredited Company?

NETA Accredited Companies are third-party, independent electrical testing firms involved in full-service testing, analysis, and maintenance of electrical power systems. This includes low-, medium-, and high-voltage power equipment and systems. Every NETA Accredited Company has gone through a two-fold application process.

This two-fold process accredits the company and certifies the company's individual technicians. This approach works toward establishing a solid program that allows clients seeking testing services to feel confident about both the qualifications of the company as well as the credentials of the individual technician. Following accreditation, the qualifications of each NETA Accredited Company and its technicians are reviewed on a regular basis to assure continued compliance with the NETA bylaws and policies.

Those interested in specifying electrical testing for electrical power equipment and systems in accordance with ANSI/NETA standards by NETA Accredited Companies and NETA Certified Technicians should look to Section 3 of the ANSI/NETA ATS and ANSI/NETA MTS. The ANSI/NETA ATS Standard for Acceptance Testing Specifications for Electrical Power Equipment and Systems specifies the following qualifications for testing organizations and personnel:

3.1 Testing Organization

1.    The testing organization shall be an independent, third party entity which can function as an unbiased testing authority, professionally independent of the manufacturers, suppliers, and installers of equipment or systems being evaluated.

2.    The testing organization shall be regularly engaged in the testing of electrical equipment devices, installations, and systems.

3.    The testing organization shall use technicians who are regularly employed for testing services.

4.    An organization having a designation of NETA Accredited Company issued by the InterNational Electrical Testing Association meets the above criteria.

5.    The testing organization shall submit appropriate documentation to demonstrate that it satisfactorily complies with these requirements.

Companies interested in seeking NETA Accreditation should contact the NETA Office at 888-300-6382 or for more information.

NETA is an ANSI Accredited standards developing organization that creates and maintains standards for electrical maintenance and acceptance testing for electrical power equipment and systems, as well as a standard that addresses the certification of electrical testing technicians. NETA is an association of leading electrical testing companies comprised of visionaries committed to advancing the industry standards for power system installation and maintenance to ensure the highest level of reliability and safety.

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