PowerTest 2015 Seminars: Increase Your Knowledge, Connections, and Continuing Education Credits in Three Action-Packed Days

With over 45 technical presentations, educational sessions, and special events, PowerTest 2015 is the most effective and efficient way for electrical power system experts to get updated on the latest industry information and technologies. The seminars portion of the event is particularly popular because of the amount of time and detail the subject matter experts offer in their presentations, as well as the question and answer portion at the end of each session. Additionally, NETA Certified Technicians can earn up to four CTD credits per seminar attended on Wednesday and Thursday -- an opportunity to earn up to 16 CTD credits for enrolling in two seminars per day.

Wednesday and Thursday seminars help attendees expand their knowledge through four-hour sessions on everything from electrical commissioning, protective relays, and high-voltage circuit breakers to study sessions for those pursuing certification as an electrical testing technician.

NEW! The Doble Laboratory Seminar
The Doble Laboratory Seminar on Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., hosted by NETA Corporate Alliance Partner Doble Engineering, is designed for engineers, chemists, and others responsible for interpreting laboratory results to detect and identify problems within electrical apparatus. A new addition to PowerTest 2015, this interactive laboratory seminar combines theoretical background with practical experience, including case studies that illustrate common problems found in the field.
Doble Laboratory Seminar attendees can expect to:

  • Learn about the quality of oils on the market today
  • Discover how understanding the aging characteristics of insulating materials can help extend transformer life
  • Learn how to take oil samples, avoid common pitfalls, and save time and money by sampling only once
  • Diagnose apparatus problems with dissolved gas-in-oil analysis
  • Find out how to assess the condition of paper insulation
  • Detect the presence of incipient-fault conditions and categorize them
  • Establish the correct method of analyzing moisture-in-oil results
  • Study the significance of dissolved and particulate metals and other particle contamination found in electrical apparatus
  • Determine the condition of electric apparatus using laboratory tests
  • Complete a diagnostics and condition assessment for LTCs and bulk oil breakers based on oil test

The Doble Laboratory Seminar is worth 8 CTD credits, and attendees can sign up for it when registering for PowerTest 2015.

Why Attend PowerTest 2015?
In addition to one-of-a-kind educational opportunities, great networking, and the chance to see the latest products and services of more than 85 of the industry's top suppliers, NETA Certified Technicians should take advantage of this unique opportunity to earn up to 40 NETA CTD credits at PowerTest and the PowerTest seminars. This conference can also be submitted to any program that requires continuing education. Please contact the NETA Office for more information.

About PowerTest 2015, March 2-6, Renaissance Nashville Hotel
PowerTest 2105 registration is required to attend all conference events and networking activities. Additional fees may apply. Discounts are available for NETA Accredited Companies and NETA Alliance subscribers and for attending multiple seminars. To register for PowerTest 2015 or to review a detailed list of conference offerings and registration discount opportunities, visit www.powertest.org or call 888.300.NETA (6382).

About NETA
NETA is an ANSI Accredited standards developing organization that creates and maintains standards on electrical testing for electrical power equipment and systems. NETA is an association of leading electrical testing companies comprised of visionaries committed to advancing the industry standards for power system installation and maintenance to ensure the highest level of reliability.

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