Level 2 - Certified Assistant Technician

The ETT Certified Assistant Level 2 performs limited testing and service work while generally requiring direct supervision. The individual has sufficient knowledge and experience to be qualified for assuring the safety of him/herself. Safety knowledge includes an understanding of lockout/tagout procedures and requirements, arc-flash and shock hazard analyses, and other facets of hazardous electrical energy control procedures. The ETT Certified Assistant Level 2 generally requires direct supervision of a Level 3 ETT Certified Technician or Level 4 Certified Senior Technician.

To gain a more complete understanding of the requirements of this certification, the ANSI/NETA ETT and Level 2 Detailed Content Outline should be reviewed in detail.

Education and Training

  • 40 hours of safety
  • 160 hours of electrical

Related Experience

  • Two years*
  • Candidates for Level 2 must have met the qualifications for Level 1
  • *Completion of two or more years of technical education in an electrical field shall be equivalent to a maximum of one year of related experience


  • 100-item, multiple-choice, closed-book, onsite proctored examination
  • Two hours allowed to complete exam
  • Passing score of 410 or higher on a scale of 200 to 500

Exam Composition

  • 15% of Exam - Safety
  • 25% of Exam - Electrical Testing Fundamentals and Theory
  • 55% of Exam - Component Testing
  •   5% of Exam - Systems and Commissioning

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