Level 4 - Certified Senior Technician

The ETT Certified Senior Technician, Level 4, supervises large projects and multiple crews and can work independently. Individual performs complex investigations, tests, and evaluations, and prepares written reports as needed.

To gain a more complete understanding of the requirements of this certification, the ANSI/NETA ETT and Level 4 Detailed Content Outline should be reviewed in detail.

Education and Training

  • 40 hours of safety in addition to Level 2 and Level 3 requirements (104 hours total)
  • 200 hours of electrical in addition to Level 2 and Level 3 requirements (600 hours total)

Related Experience

  • Ten years*
  • Candidates for Level 4 must have met the qualifications for Levels 1, 2, and 3 in successive order
  • *Completion of two or more years of technical education in an electrical field shall be equivalent to a maximum of one year of related experience


  • 65-item, multiple-choice, closed-book, onsite proctored examination
  • Two hours allowed to complete exam
  • Passing score of 410 or higher on a scale of 200 to 500

Exam Composition

  • 10% of Exam - Safety
  • 15% of Exam - Electrical Testing Fundamentals and Theory
  • 55% of Exam - Component Testing
  • 20% of Exam - Systems and Commissioning

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