NETA Certification is a career path available to qualified individuals who are employed by a NETA Accredited Company.

I am an employee of a NETA Accredited Company, how do I register to take the exam?

If you are currently employed by a NETA Accredited Company, you can speak with your NETA Accredited Representative or NETA Technician Representative to learn more about your company's path for certification. All exam registrations are managed through these main points of contact at each company.

I am not sure who my Accredited Representative is, how do I find out?

You can contact the NETA office and speak with a Member Services representative who can direct you to the correct person/people at your NETA Accredited Company. Emails can be sent to or you can call 888-300-6382.

I am not currently an employee of a NETA Accredited Company, how to do I get certified?

If you are not currently employed by a NETA Accredited Company or are not sure if your company is accredited, you can search the current listing of all NETA Accredited Companies here.

NETA's certification program is designed to work hand-in-hand with the accreditation program and is only available to individuals meeting the prerequisite of employment. If you are considering pursuing electrical testing as a career path, NETA's Accredited Companies are an excellent place to start your search.

To learn more about NETA Company Accreditation, you can visit the Overview page of this website, and learn more by reviewing the Becoming a NETA Accredited Company Brochure. NETA's staff is always happy to answer any questions you may have, so please feel free to send an email to or call 888-300-6382.

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