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The main watchword of academic writing and understanding its types

If you're looking forward to understanding the concept of essay writing as well as its types, you must read this article. If you're a student, you must sometimes wonder why teachers give high importance to essay writing. What are the primary differences between different types of paper writing? If such questions are floating in your minds, this article will best essay help to you in getting over them.

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  • Essay writing

It is a genre of formal writing. It has a great unique importance in educational institutes. Students demands a writer to write my essay express their thoughts, emotions, and feelings, ideas, suggestions, and recommendations in a defined way. Essay writing or academic writing is merely a piece of writing that encourages students to describe a thing, narrate a story, or markdown a research paper. However, a student has to weave a story formally as it is related to formal writing. 

  • Types of essay writing

Essay writing is classified into different types. It provides a platform for students to write an essay that includes scientific, fiction, and fantasy. It has the flexibility to merge any topic in it. It is expedient to mention here that students have to write detailed essays on several topics based on various subjects. However, there are four major types of essays. A few essay types are further classified into various kinds. Let's jot them down and then discuss them bit by bit. 

  1. Descriptive essay
  2. Narrative essay
  3. Argumentative essay
  4. Expository essay

It is necessary particularly for those students that are in the initial stage of learning academic writing to understand the motives of the afore-mentioned essay types. 

  • Descriptive essay

It is one of the genres of paper writing. As its name indicates, it encourages students to describe a thing, place, or person. Neophyte writers find it hard to compile this essay. It urges students to involve sensory details to describe a particular subject. Doing so is not as simple as ABC. Plotting a scene and involving all the five senses in the essay seems to be a challenging task for newbie writers. 

  • Narrative essay

You may say that a narrative essay is a cousin of a descriptive essay. It requires a student to explain its personal life experience. Students enjoy themselves writing this essay type because it demands them to share stories. It is a fact that students love to tell and listen to stories. Students have to plot a scene by involving all the necessary characters and draw a vivid picture of the situation or event that a scribbler mentions in the text.

  • Argumentative essay

It is also called a persuasive essay. If someone asks you to convince others according to your viewpoint, you will find it one of the most difficult tasks to accomplish. A student has to prove its opinion as adoptable by presenting a logical argument. Moreover, a scribbler has to give clear examples and provide compelling pieces of evidence to prove the legitimacy of its idea.

  • Expository essay

Writing the expository essay is a tricky task. In this essay type, teachers ask to expose, explicate, or illustrate a particular subject by highlighting the characteristics or features that are not obvious. For this purpose, a writer must have profound knowledge about the topic. He must explain the subject in chronological order.

Undoubtedly, a student gives top priority to academic writing to score good marks in a semester. For this reason, a student often thinks that how I can do my homework for me cheap extraordinarily. Well, if you also think in this way, you must learn the importance of structuring an essay. Moreover, you should also develop the habits of reading and writing to raise writing skills.


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