Available Opportunities

PowerTest 2020 Sponsorship Opportunities


Category A Sponsorship Items

schedule_at_a_glance.pngPocket Program
This item is included with conference materials for all conference attendees, and is sure to be referenced often, as it provides a snapshot of daily events.

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Category B Sponsorship Items


Trade Show Check-In Desk
Displayed for Monday and Tuesday and located near the entrance to the PowerTest 2020 Trade Show hall, this sponsorship item includes the signage (kick plate) at the check-in desk


Individual Conference Bag Essentials

Sponsorship includes sponsorship of one of the following items provided in the attendee materials bag: pens, highlighters, earbuds, or travel mug.

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Category C Sponsorship Items

a7edd585-6cb8-4da8-b7e9-f26868ce6ef8.jpgIn Room Delivery (Tuesday & Wednesday)
Includes brochure of the following days upcoming conference events, delivered to all attendees staying within the room block. Sponsor is also able to include a promotional trinket at their own cost.

Exhibit Bar/Koozies

Brandable can koozies and signage at the exhibit bar throughout the PowerTest Trade Show.

Table Tents
Displayed for attendees to see in the PowerTest registration area on tables, desks, etc.

Provided to each full conference attendee in the PowerTest 2020 bag.

Conference Bag Inserts
Sponsor selects item, which is included in PowerTest 2020 conference bag provided to full conference attendees.

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Category D Sponsorship Items


Trade Show Luncheon
Includes signage at all buffet food stations throughout the PowerTest 2020 Trade Show.

Breakfast Sponsor
Sponsors have choice of one day ( Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday & Thursday) in which signage and table tents in breakfast area will reflect sponsor logo.


Cocktail napkins used throughout various meals and refreshment breaks

Refreshment Sponsor
Sponsorship includes signage displayed in refreshment break areas.

Schedule Sign
Company logo included on large schedule sign in main registration/meeting space

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Category E Sponsorship Items

Trade Show Floor Plan Sign
Includes company logo on large floor plan sign. Sign placed at entrance of exhibit hall.

Registration Packet Insert
Sponsorship includes digital PDF insert or advertisement included in registration packet emailed to attendees upon onsite registration.

Mobile App Banner
Rotating banner ad within the PowerTest 2020 Mobile App, linked to company website.

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À La Carte Sponsorship Items

PowerBash Reception Sponsor | $15,000
Three available: includes banners, table tents, and sponsor's choice of speciality station (Ex. bar/lounge area, live food station, etc.)

PowerTest Mobile App Sponsor | $10,000
Includes sponsored splash screen, banner ads, link directly to website, push notifications

Trade Show Aisle Sponsor | $3,500
Sponsor an A La Carte Item