Engineers, Technicians, and Electrical Power System Industry Leaders Gather for High-Powered Learning at PowerTest 2015 Focus on Monday, March 2, 2015

NETA Presents the Premier Electrical Maintenance and Safety Event

Portage, Michigan, November 1, 2014 - Electrical safety, reliability, equipment, relays, and electrical commissioning, will be the focus on the first day of PowerTest 2015, Monday, March 2, at the Renaissance Nashville Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee. PowerTest is an event hosted by NETA (InterNational Electrical Testing Association) and will be held March 2-6, 2015.

Monday starts off with breakfast and an engaging and motivating session with keynote speaker Edmund O. Schweitzer, III, Ph.D., president of Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories.

Following the keynote, attendees can choose from 27 unique, 45-minute technical presentations including the option to attend a three-hour symposium covering electrical commissioning.  NETA Certified Technicians who need Continuing Technical Development Credits (CTDs) as well as other industry professionals needing continuing education will benefit from the broad range of topics presented by leaders in the industry. The technical presentations will be organized into five tracksincluding:

ELECTRICAL SAFETY - Six presentations on electrical safety are showcased. Jim White and Kerry Heid of Shermco Industries will present their perspective on The Impact of Electrical Safety to Maintenance: NFPA 70B and CSA Z463. Other programs will focus on extension cord safety, changes to OSHA 269 and OSHA 1926 regulations, and electrical safety audits. Learn more about the Electrical Safety Track PowerTest 2015-Monday Schedule, Electrical Safety.

RELIABILITY - This track is composed of six presentations including A Comprehensive Maintenance Strategy for Medium-Voltage Cable Testing, by Ashley Harkness, Electrical Reliability Services. Other presentations cover discovery of transformer short circuit winding before failure, bushings that bite - what you don't know can hurt you, and battery ohmic testing. Learn more about the Reliability Track PowerTest 2015-Monday Schedule, Reliability.

EQUIPMENT - In one of six presentations on equipment, Noah Bethel of PdMA Corporation will present The Trifecta of Motor Maintenance. Other equipment topics, presented by subject matter experts, focus on testing and diagnostic challenges associated with magnetically actuated vacuum circuit breakers; five things to know about power quality monitoring; QA electrical testing of medium-voltage global VPI stator windings; and maintenance testing of low-voltage, power circuit breakers in a large auto assembly plant. Learn more about the Equipment Track PowerTest 2015-Monday Schedule, Equipment.

RELAYS - In one of six presentations, William Knapek of OMICRON electronics Corp. USA offers Test the System, Not the Element. Others include improving reliability beyond compliance, configuring your microprocessor-based relay system for maximum value, and transmission line protection 101. Learn more about the Relays Track by clicking PowerTest 2015-Monday Schedule, Relays.

ELECTRICAL COMMISSIONING - Three presentations are featured in this track, including Lorne Gara's Understanding and Implementing the NETA Electrical Commissioning Standard ECS-2015. Another example of what is included in the Electrical Commissioning Track is a focus on commissioning progress communication. Learn more about the Electrical Commissioning Track PowerTest 2015-Monday Schedule, Electrical Commissioning.

The PowerTest 2015 Electrical Commissioning Symposium will also be held Monday and will be moderated by Lorne Gara of Orbis Engineering, Ltd.

Registration is required to attend all conference events and networking activities. Additional fees may apply. Discounts are available for NETA Accredited Companies and NETA Alliance subscribers and for attending multiple seminars. To register for PowerTest 2015 or to review a detailed list of conference offerings and registration discount opportunities, visit or call 888.300.NETA (6382). Full conference days are Monday, March 2 - Friday, March 6, 2014.

NETA is an ANSI Accredited Standards Developing Organization that creates and maintains standards on electrical testing for electrical power equipment and systems. NETA is an association of leading electrical testing companies comprised of visionaries committed to advancing the industry standards for power system installation and maintenance to ensure the highest level of reliability and safety.

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