About the NETA Alliance Programs

Understanding the NETA Alliance Programs

Designed for professionals and organizations that align themselves with the association’s commitment to leadership, safety, and quality, the NETA Alliance Programs offer partnership and access to exclusive opportunities within the power systems industry.

Standard Alliance Program
Focused on providing value and opportunities for individuals within the industry who would like to get involved, the NETA Standard Alliance Program offers professional development opportunities and valuable discounts, as well as access to NETA technical resources.

International Alliance Program

Unlike the Standard Alliance Program, the International Associates Program provides value and opportunities for international companies responsible for the acceptance testing, commissioning, and maintenance testing of electrical power systems who are interested in partnering with NETA. International Associates gain access to technical resources, discounted pricing, and a complimentary PDF download of each ANSI/NETA Standard.

Industry Alliance Program

Intended to increase awareness and facilitate synergy within other sectors of the electrical testing and related industries, the Industry Alliance Partner Program is open to organizations that support the electrical testing industry, including companies interested in obtaining accreditation.

Corporate Alliance Partner Program

An invitation-only program, NETA Corporate Alliance Partners are a group of industry leading companies the association has invited to join forces in working together towards a common aim: improving quality, safety, and electrical system reliability.