November 2020 Live Webinar Series

Throughout the month of November, NETA will be partnering with Intellirent to offer three live webinars eligible for Continuing Technical Development (CTD) credits. Reviewing a variety of important topics, each hour-long webinar will feature an in-depth analysis, case studies, the opportunity to ask questions, and the ability to earn 1 CTD credit. Register now to take advantage of this all-new virtual training opportunity!

Advanced Diagnostic Testing for Power Transformers

 November 19, 2020 | 1:00 PM EDT

Advancements in transformer testing technologies can now provide technicians with additional diagnostic capabilities but are not always utilized or understood by the industry. Traditional power factor and leakage reactance testing has historically been performed at or around the line frequency of 50/60 Hz. Newer technologies in test equipment design make it possible to greatly extend the frequency range of test signals, providing technicians with additional information relative to the health of the transformer components. This presentation will define the advantages of variable frequency power factor, (VFPF), and frequency response of stray losses, (FRSL) with an extended frequency range for leakage reactance. Our final advanced testing method will focus on dynamic DC winding resistance, as a method of gaging the health of the OLTC.

COST: $75.00


Drew Welton (IEEE Senior) is Vice President of Sales and Business Development for Intellirent, division of Electrorent, providing strategic leadership to the sales team and creating new business development opportunities for the industrial testing, power producing industries. Welton was previously the North American Regional Manager for OMICRON, starting in 1997. Prior to his career with OMICRON, Welton was a Regional Sales Manager with Beckwith Electric. He also served as National Sales Director for Substation Automation with AREVA T&D. Welton has written numerous articles on substation maintenance testing and has conducted training sessions for substation technicians and engineers at utilities and universities across North America. He is a 20-year Senior Member of IEEE-PES, IAS, and an active member of the IEEE Transformers Committee. He has been a contributor on a number of PSRC working groups and presented at many industry conferences specific to power system protection and control. He has a bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Fort Lewis College, Durango, Colorado.