What is A NETA Accredited Company?

NETA Accredited Company (NAC) membership is tailored for third-party, independent firms involved in full-service testing, analysis, and maintenance of electrical power systems. This includes low-, medium-, and high-voltage distribution, substation, and generation equipment. NETA maintains a two-fold accreditation process that certifies the company and its individual technicians to assure consumers of both the qualifications of the company as well as the credentials of the individual technician. Following accreditation, the qualifications of each NETA Accredited Company and its technicians are reviewed on a regular basis.

Why Become a NETA Accredited Company?

NETA Accredited Companies best support the interest of the owner, as the objectivity and competency of the testing firm is as important as the competency of the individual technician. NETA Companies are a critical part of an independent, third-party electrical testing association dedicated to setting world standards in electrical maintenance and acceptance testing.

Why Hire an NAC?

NETA Accredited Companies Enjoy Many Benefits 

  • Participation in standards development activities
  • Access to technical networking and safety guidelines
  • Discounts on standards and industry publications
  • Discounts to PowerTest, NETA's annual technical conference

NETA Accredited Companies Have Access to Valuable Promotional Opportunities

  • Use of the industry-respected NETA logo in highly visible locations, including your company website and in bid documents
  • Access to a complimentary, customizable, full-color brochure highlighting NETA Accreditation and the assurance that accompanies hiring an NAC
  • Complimentary company listings on both netaworld.org and in each issue of NETA World
  • Exposure in press releases and postcards issued by the NETA office to thousands of power systems professionals, including potential clients
  • Industry job leads from inquiries received by the NETA office
  • Recognition in numerous industry publications through articles written by members of NACs
  • Opportunity to take part in the NETA Gift Alliance program - an excellent chance to further build upon your professional client relationships

Learn More About Becoming a NETA Accredited Company

Parties interested in learning more about becoming a NETA Accredited Company should click the button below, or reach out to the NETA office at (888) 300-6382 or neta@netaworld.org.

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