NETA Staff


Missy Richard

Missy Richard

Executive Director / 269.488.6382

- Nonvoting member of the Board of Directors
- Nonvoting member of all committees

Missy, with direction from the Board, ensures that the programs, activities, and services to the Association directly benefit the members and their professional well-being. Missy is responsible for ensuring member issues and needs are identified and that associate programs are developed and operated. She assists the Board, officers, and committee chairs in fulfilling their responsibilities.

Jayne Tanz

Jayne Tanz

Deputy Director / 269.488.6382

Jayne works with the Executive Director to provide support for all facets of the association. Jayne supports the association with overall strategic planning and governance issues, and works with the Executive Director to drive organizational development.

Amy Williams

Amy Williams

Membership Development Manager / 269.488.6382

- Membership inquiries
- Application for Accreditation
- Application to Retain Accreditation 

Amy assists with strategy and operational management while overseeing member development, membership inquiries, and new member integration.  Amy acts as the liaison to the Membership Committee, assisting with growth and awareness strategies. Additionally, she interfaces with the Member Review, Application Review, NAMO and Ad Hoc committees. She interacts with those in key roles associated with membership development, expansion and retention.

Laura McDonald

Laura McDonald

Events and Editorial Services Manager / 269.488.6382

- PowerTest
- NETA World technical journal

Laura is responsible for budgeting, planning, logistics, and management of the PowerTest conference and annual association meetings. She manages the editorial operations and advertising sales of the NETA World technical journal. She is the staff liaison to the Conference Committee and NETA World Committee.

Katie Polzin

Katie Polzin

Marketing Project Manager / 269.488.6382

- Marketing & Promotions
- Social Media

Katie is responsible for the development and management of all promotional and marketing initiatives of the association, including sales, social media, and the development of relationships within the industry. Katie acts as the staff liaison to the Promotions and Marketing Committee.

Kelly Quinn

Kelly Quinn

Member Services Supervisor
/ 269.488.6382

- Membership Services to NACs
- NETA Certification Exam
- Conference registrations and inquiries

Kelly assists with the organization of membership information and coordinates membership functions, including management of company data and internal member services. She also assists with the coordination of the Continuing Technical Development program, course submissions, and the NETA Certification Exam on a quarterly basis for NETA Accredited Companies.

Richard Piet

Rosewinter Kodzwa

Standards and Certification Development Manager / 269.488.6382

- Technical Inquiries
- NETA Standards administration, editing, and publication
- Technical representation
- Certification Exam

Rosewinter acts as the staff liaison to the Standards Review Council, assisting with the creation and revision of NETA's technical documents. Additionally she interfaces with the Exam Committee, Training Committee, Technical Representation Steering Committee, and Safety Committee. She interacts with those in key roles associated with the development of the certification exam, outside standards review, and NETA representation on code panels.

Oemeeka Liggins

Luci Falkenberg

Executive Assistant – Standards and Certification Exam / 269.488.6382

- NETA Standards development
- Certification Exam development
- Technical Services support

Luci supports the NETA certification exam development and administration processes, as well as those for NETA Standards development and editing. Additionally, she performs support functions for technical representation and other NETA Standards and certification tasks.

Peter Cook

Peter Cook

Database Administrator / 269.488.6382

- Data management coordinator

Pete manages the database that tracks all NETA Accredited Companies, NETA Technicians, Alliance subscribers, and other related companies that use NETA as a resource for publications. Pete serves as technical support for all association programs.

Peter Cook

Madi Williams

Administrative Assistant / 269.488.6382

Madi is responsible for processing publications orders, packaging, and shipping to our NETA customers. Madi assists with the day-to-day financial activities, as well as PowerTest logistics.