AVO Training Institute

AVO Training Institute

With more than 60 years in electrical safety and maintenance, AVO Training Institute offers a wide variety of training for every experience level. Our courses are developed in accordance with recognized Electrical Standards and Regulations and decades of collective "Real World" experience.

AVO Training is a one-stop for many hands-on safety and maintenance training courses eligible for NETA CTDs.*

*NETA Continuing Technical Development (CTDs) units are required of NETA Certified Technicians.

Every aspect of our standard curriculum is developed to facilitate student learning. From Hands-On equipment labs and illustrated materials to logical presentation sequence, every course ensures students leave with real skills they can use immediately on the job. AVO Training Institute's course development team can also work with your organization to create customized company specific courses.

And most of our courses are available ONSITE: at your location, with YOUR staff, on YOUR equipment:

• Substation and Transformer Maintenance
• Cable, Fiber Optic & Infrared
• Circuit Breaker & Protective Relay Maintenance
• Solar Systems Advanced Certification & Wind Generation
• Utilities & Industrial
• Overhead Contact Systems

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