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Welcome! NETA is excited to invite you to learn more about what it takes to become a NETA Certified Electrical Testing Technician.

NETA Certified Technicians are the living representation of NETA's American National Standards, the documents on which the InterNational Electrical Testing Association is based. The ANSI/NETA ATS, ANSI/NETA MTS, ANSI/NETA ECS, and ANSI/NETA ETT are paramount to understanding the roles and responsibilities of a NETA Certified Technician and their duties as a representative of the NETA Accredited Company supporting them in the field.

Studying for the NETA Certification Exams is something that should take place each on the job as well as in your company's training classrooms and study groups. NETA Certification based on practical knowledge and field-based experience, as well as the understanding of industry standards and electrical and physical theories. However, there are resources available to you to continue your education and preparation for certification.

Study Guide

The NETA Study Guide is a compilation of useful materials, references, and resources for people who want to be more prepared to take the certification exams. There are helpful hints, resources, and a compilation of NETA World Journal Tech Quizzes to help you focus on relevant subject matter.


A great place to begin preparing for your certification exam is by reviewing the ANSI/NETA ETT and understanding the prerequisites for the level of certification you are seeking.

Detailed Content Outlines

The detailed content outlines (DCOs) for the Level 2, Level 3, and Level 4 exams provide even more information about the specific knowledge, skills, and abilities that you may be tested on while taking your exam. Each DCO explains what percentage of the exam will be based on Safety, Electrical Testing Fundamentals and Theory, Component Testing, and Systems and Commissioning.

Each of the main domains of Safety, Electrical Testing Fundamentals and Theory, Component Testing, and Systems and Commissioning, are defined by additional categories and details that explain what specific knowledge, skills, and abilities are required for that level of certification.

Industry Standards

NETA's American National Standards along with standards produced by IEEE, NFPA, NECA, NEMA, and CSA (just to name a few) can be used as references and resources when studying for the exams. Each of the ANSI/NETA standards contains references to other industry standards within the bodies of the documents, as well as a specific section that calls out applicable references for that standard.

Reference List

NETA's Exam Committee has compiled a list of applicable references to aid technicians in studying for the NETA Certification Exams. The list is organized by content and level of certification. Download your copy of the current NETA Certification Exam Reference List. This list is intended for use by technicians preparing for the NETA Level 2, 3, and 4 Certification Exams.

Other Resources

Some of the best resources available to you are the human resources you work with each day. Setting up study groups with your fellow technicians and meeting on a regular basis is an excellent way to gain new insights and perspectives on problem-solving and troubleshooting that will help you be prepared to work through items you see on the certification exams. 

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