Electrical Safety Training System

ESTS Example Course Segments

ESTS Introduction

ESTS Establishing an Electrically Safe Work Condition

ESTS Understanding Electricity in the Workplace

ESTS Electrical Hazards: Understanding the Danger

What is the Electrical Safety Training System (ESTS)?

The Electrical Safety Training System is a series of courses on Arc Flash & Shock Electrical Safety Training.

Certification courses are available for electrical and non-electrical workers.


The courses offered at this time focus on arc-flash and shock training, and are available in both US and Canadian formats. This new program will allow companies to provide the latest in safety training to their employees through an online portal at an affordable price.

The ESTS is state of the art adult oriented arc-flash and shock training for Electrical Workers, Supervisors, Electrical Engineers, Instrumentation Mechanics, HVAC Technicians, HSE Professionals and other workers that need to manage or may be exposed to the electrical hazards of arc-flash and shock.

The ESTS is fully narrated and uses pictures, videos, graphics, interactive elements, and a 3D Virtual Electrical Workplace (e.g. MCC/Electrical Room) to teach the student how to apply the tools within the NFPA 70E Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace and the CSA Z462 Workplace electrical safety Standard to mitigate or reduce exposure to the electrical hazards of arc-flash and shock.

The ESTS is comprehensive and detailed with 4 hours of runtime content, which typically will take the student 6 hours to complete. The training can be started and stopped with progress tracked over a 30 day period.

This course was reviewed and approved by the NETA Standards Review Council for technical accuracy and relevance. It received high marks for both.

-$95.00 (US) per person
-Four hour run time
-NFPA 70E/OSHA or CSA Z462/OH&S version available
-Earn eight NETA CTD Credits (NETA Certified Technicians)
-Or submit for CEUs